Social Responsibility

We believe that our responsibility goes beyond the obligation to comply with legislation and just following specific regulation. We do our best in order to continuously improve the quality of life among our employees and their families. We are focused on creating a better and safer workplace for everyone as well as to protect the environment.

All our safety procedures are constantly monitored in order to make sure that our employees work safely. Every employee is very important -it is actually part of our team that moves the things forward. Therefore it is our main concern to provide necessary support for professional development and healthcare. For instance all our employees receive a supplementary 24 hours/day health insurance.

GEROM is located in Jiu Valley, the most famous coal field of Romania. This is a place where the people have been mining coal for more than 150 years. The coal, the nature and the people are our most valuable resources.

Our corporate headquarters provides important financial support to many local organizations and various activities. Most of the charitable support is provided through the Sfanta Maria Foundation, one of the leading charitable organizations running in our valley. Among many projects and programs we can speak about the Christian Orthodox Church Sfanta Maria built for locals in a very picturesque area.

As we were speaking about, the nature is another valuable resource which we are focused on. Maintaining a clean environment is one of our commitments while we are supporting the development of tourism in our area. Having three cabins and one cable-lift up in the mountains, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining moments of joy in splendid natural environment.