Hydraulic props

The ATLAS S hydraulic props are designed to work in the harsh environment of underground mines. The ATLAS S hydraulic props are heavy duty products that in combination with GSA link bars, or other kind of beams support the roof of several types of rooms, intersections etc.

The ATLAS S hydraulic props are operated through the ATLAS V valve cartridges both having massive construction and clever solutions in order to provide a safe and reliable product for underground.

GEROM designs and manufactures five types of hydraulic props. Their range is quite large, but even so some dimensions such as: Opened Height, Stroke and Closed Height could be changed according to our customer requirements, within some limits certainly.

The ATLAS S hydraulic props are roll-polished, chrome and zinc coated. The piston seals are custom designed assuring a long life and high reliability.

Foot extensions are also available.

The GEROM’s hydraulic equipment (hydraulic props, hydraulic cylinders-heavy series, valves and filling guns) is custom designed in order to work in very “unfriendly”, dangerous and harsh environment. Down underground, on the earth, at sea or wherever hydraulic power is needed we can provide the proper equipment.

GEROM is committed to providing safe and reliable hydraulics. You are to receive the power you need.

Our products 

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