Link bars

Down underground, deep in the mines, the safety is essential, no question about it. Supporting the roof is the main issue for every coal miner. It is simple, without supporting the roof you just cannot go on. Our proposal: safe and reliable roof supporting products based on proven technologies. This is what we offer: the simple but reliable GSA, GS link bars (forming together with the hydraulic props a flexible roof supporting system) and for longwalls, the powered roof supports SMA range.

The GSA and GS link bars, as important parts of the roof supporting system that also includes the hydraulic props, are manufactured by using modern equipment and particular technology for welding. Each link bar is tested in accordance with STR 1395-2005 (DIN 21550). The whole manufcaturing process is supervised and carefully observed.

Special link bars (S type) used to connect normal link bars.

GSA Link Bars ready for delivery (loading process).